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11 Feb 2015
Welcoming the 2015 season

2015 is upon us, and with it growers are starting to prepare the new early leek season.

At Baby Plant, we have everything ready and prepared to start producing our seedling leek plants.

The production facilities used by Baby Plant to grow conventional seedling leeks are its main facilities located at its headquarters in Santomera (Murcia). These are the ideal facilities to continue giving our customers what they expect and demand from our brand: quality, reliability and service.

The facilities located on the so-called Costa Cálida or “Warm Coast” in the Region of Murcia are specially designed for the production of leeks, celery, brassicas and aromatic herbs. Greenhouses and recently built facilities boast the technology needed to create an ideal planting environment for these early plants, protected from the harsh weather conditions typical of the winter months.

In early November 2014, we began sowing the first leek seeds in trays.

Once again, the varieties chosen by Spanish, Portuguese and French growers to carry out extra early transplants (W.50 – W. 6) were Krypton F1, Megaton F1, Duraton F1 and Rally F1from the Dutch seed providers Nunhems and Bejo.

For late leek transplants lasting weeks as well as early ones, other leek seed varieties also need to be added to the list, namely Chinook F1 (Enza Zaden), Capito F1 (Hazera) and Striker F1 (Bejo).

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